Run the Government Like a Business

Many people ask: should we run the government in the way that we run business. My short answer is, yes. However, I then ask, should we be running businesses the way that we… Continue reading

Taking Risks

Sometimes you have to take uncalculated risks. Sometimes you have to step out onto that bridge, not knowing what the other side holds; not knowing what you will be missing on this side;… Continue reading

Why Do Your Part?

Often I hear people, including myself from time to time, say something to the extent of: why should I do my part, if nobody else is doing theirs? There are a cornucopia of… Continue reading

Good Things are Happening

The best things in my life have always come as a surprise. I woke up, just like any other day, thinking nothing of it, and before I knew it something completely random and… Continue reading


There are many days that I completely lack the motivation to hit the gym. I am tired, stressed and burnt out from a busy schedule and long days of challenging work. I just… Continue reading

Light v. Darkness

Darkness is the absence of light. Light is the product of energy and effort. Without action, you have darkness. Without sheer willpower you allow the negativity to be, you allow the darkness to… Continue reading

Positive Attitude

Many people say that attitude is a choice and we can choose to be happy if we want, we can choose to have a positive attitude. This is the wrong approach. This is… Continue reading

Don’t make me smile

I hate how people always tell me to smile when they are taking my picture. The point of pictures are not to be fake but to capture the moment; if I am not… Continue reading

One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Just finished reading One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey. Truly a wonderful work of art, very well could be the best I have ever read. I absolutely love his… Continue reading

Shame on you NBA

I think that the NBA is becoming a disgrace. The whole foul system is a joke and it makes the game a joke. First of all, when an offender fakes a shot to… Continue reading